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Stripe CTF 2014, Level 3 - Instant Code Search

The task was to write, in Scala:

  • an indexer that scans a bunch of input files, and
  • a searcher that takes a query string and returns a list of lines containing it

It can be solved using the following:

In the indexer, tokenize each document, and create an inverted index of tokens to a sets of (file name, line number) tuples. In the searcher, break up the query string into tokens, and lookup the tokens in the index.

To enable substring search, use 3-character substrings of the tokens as keys in the index, instead of the entire token. Similarly, break up the query string into 3-character substrings, and return the intersection of all sets found in the inverted index for each substring.

Alternatively, one could use a suffix tree to enable substring search.

My various solutions can be found on these github branches.

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