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Stripe CTF 2014, Level 3 - Instant Code Search

The task was to write, in Scala:

  • an indexer that scans a bunch of input files, and
  • a searcher that takes a query string and returns a list of lines containing it

It can be solved using the following:

In the indexer, tokenize each document, and create an inverted index …

Stripe CTF 2014, Level 2 - Defending against a DDOS attack

If your service comes under a major DDOS attack, what would you do?

In the third level of Stripe’s CTF, participants were tasked to build a proxy to defend a couple of backend servers against a DDOS attack. The proxy needed to do the following:

  • distribute requests across a …

Stripe CTF 2014, Level 1

This is the second installment of a series on Stripe's CTF 2014. You may wish to start from level 0.

Level 1

Level 1 proposed a crypto-currency named Gitcoin that used Git's SHA1 hashes. The player was provided with a git repository and asked to create a commit with a …

Stripe CTF 2014, Level 0

I participated in a week-long CTF hosted by Stripe in Jan 2014. This series of blog posts will cover some of the problems and their solutions.

Level 0

The first level was a breeze, and mainly served as an introduction/tutorial for participating in the CTF. We were given the …

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