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Event Tracking with Google Analytics and LaunchRock

It's easy to create a landing page with LaunchRock, but getting meaningful analytics out of it is more difficult. For example, I still have not figured out a way to run a Google Analytics experiment on LaunchRock - using custom Javascript code in LaunchRock sometimes crashes the previewer, forcing me to …

jQuery Plugin - Box Lid Menu

Smashing Magazine wrote a piece about Toybox's navigation menu today, describing the user experience as "peeking behind the page or the lid of a toybox". I really liked the design, took a shot at creating a jQuery plugin to replicate the effect. Here is a demo.

Most of the …

Backbone, Faye, and Reaction

I was jealous of what MeteorJS did for NodeJS developers, and decided to steal some of their ideas for Rails. The result is the reaction gem, and a demo app can be downloaded from here.

Transparent Synchronization

Using Reaction, you write your app like a usual Backbone app. However, instead …

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